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Help with my e30 m30b34 swap

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    Help with my e30 m30b34 swap

    Hello guys.
    I have already read every forum that i could find but i couldnt find a solution for my problem.
    I am having an electrical trouble and the engune won't run. I have no pulse on injectors.
    The car is a 1982 318i e30, it had a running 325i engine in it, decided to swap that engine for an m30 so i am using an m30b34 engine with an m30b35 harness.
    I installed the engine and the harness. I cranked the engine, i have fuel on the rail and spark but no pulse on injectors. I changed the ecu with another one from a running car and still no pulse. A replaced the crank position sensor with a brand new one and the problem persists.(note that the engine came with 2 sensors on the trans but with the new harness had to install a CPS from a 325i engine on the crankshaft pulley an for the sensor to fit an not hit the pulley i had to use a nut to provide sufficient space).
    This problem is driving me nuts. I traced the wires of the harness and everything is good, i cant figure out what could be causing the problem.
    Any help would be appreciated and thank you in advance

    Solved !

    For anyone out there that is incountering the same problem, the problem was a bad relay.
    The m30 harness has 2 relays ; one is a 4 pin relay and the other is a 5 pin relay.
    I tested them both ans they were both clicking when hooked to battery but i changed them anyway and my problem was solved. Turned out the 5 pin relay is connected to the injectors and it was not sending signal.
    After i replaced it the car was running perfectly 😍