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M30 E30 official roll call thread

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    It's done just tuning now. Loses traction in third gear with drag radials.

    Need a Turbo manifold? We have them in stock- Click here--->
    Dyno vid


      325e running strong.
      Complete B35 in hand.
      Looking for a good 5 speed transmission ( direct fit)


        2 e30's

        2 s38b36's

        heavily modified subframe

        g265 od

        g280 od

        Thats about it.

        and a turbo m10


          1986 325e

          -m30b35 from a 1992 e32 735i
          -g260/5(?) from a 1988 e28 535i
          -Clutch and flywheel from an e34 M5
          -e28 535i front half of driveshaft shortened 3/4 of an inch, factory 325e back half
          -Joe Funk's engine mounts
          -e30 325e transmission support

          -e34 535i engine harness and computer
          -e30 325e fusebox plug spliced on
          -e30 325e coil

          -e32 735i manifolds and downpipe mated to the factory 325e exhaust

          -e28 535i radiator
          -e34 535i hoses; upper rad shortened 2", lower rad lengthened 2"; heater core hoses modified to fit
          -e34 535i expansion tank mounted on firewall

          -Ford Thunderbird 19# skinny injectors

          -e34 535i airbox
          -e30 325ix washer fluid tank

          -No firewall modifications were needed with Joe's mounts. I did take the hood liner out, but this wasn't necessary.
          -I had to cut 2 of the lower supports off of the radiator support in order for the e28 radiator to fit. I am currently using wire ties to hold the bottom, but I will be making some sort of mount to hold it more securely
          -I had to enlarge the hole in the firewall where the ecu plug goes through.
          -In order to fit the e32 downpipes, I had to cut some of the sound deadening off the firewall. I took the metal insulator pieces off the downpipes as well, but they might fit with them still on
          -I converted to an 1995 e36 M3 steering rack while I had the engine out, there were no clearance problems at all
          -In order to fit the e34 overflow tank, I had to cut the lower support off the bottom of the tank and remove all of the harness cover studs on the firewall. Hood modification was also required.
          -I am using a m42 coolant temp sensor with no problems

          So far I have only driven it about 50 miles. I am having fuel pump problems than I haven't been able to diagnose.

          I'll update this with pics and sound clips once I get it running again.
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            1990 E30 316 bare shell in lach silver
            1990 E32 M30B35 (from an auto)
   engine mounts (position III)
            E34 gearbox
            Nice new late E30 sport e spoke leather steering wheel
            Z3 shortshift
            IR front and rear sway bars (25mm/22mm)
            IR poly bushes set (street setting)
            IR upper front strut bar
            IR rear upper strut bar
            shortened transmission
            5 Lug conversion
            Z3M front Hugger and calipers
            Z3M front shocks and coils
            Z3M rear shocks
            E36 Compact rear suspension
            BBS 17"/8" RK (SOLD)
            Buquet seats
            Mocal oilcooler
            750i brake master cilinder
            Two side windows (shadowline)
            radiator and fan
            E36 318Ti calipers
            Z3 steering rack
            Rear Bumper
            E30 M3 2.5 EVO Alloy control arms
            E30 M3 offset polly bushes
            differential 3.45 open diff
            E30 M3 black headlights
            Rear discs
            Z3M rear springs
            still need:

            325ix servo pump
            Rear seats
            xenon conversion
            IS lipp
            M3 Front Discs

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              Still not done, but she runs!

              B34 running on M1.3,
              P&P head
              New seals, gaskets all round



                Originally posted by whowhatwhere View Post
                2 e30's

                2 s38b36's

                heavily modified subframe
                Have any pictures of the subframe? I'm curious


                  m30b35, 260/6 trans, Megasquirt ecu.


                    LowR3V'in - image doesn't work. What driveshaft and coolant components did you end up using?
                    Mtech1 v8 build thread -

                    OEM v8 manual chip or dme -



                      ^Stock e30 driveshaft
                      E34 coolant lines.
                      stock 325i overflow.

                      Location: USA
                      Engine:M30B35 (e34)
                      Trans/clutch: e28 single mass/Clutch kit.
                      Shift linkage:stock m20 e30 (had to use the m20 gear selector)
                      Drive shaft: stock m20 e30
                      Diff: 2.93lsd
                      Motor Mounts: Home made

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                        is your inner cooler still in there from the m20???

                        Need Illustration or Design work?


                          It's going to see some more boost soon.


                            84' 318i
                   mounts in pos III
                            m30b35 from a e32 91' 735i
                            e28 535i radiator
                            auto wiring harness from the e32
                            e32 auto ECU ends with "150"
                            g240 tranny from the m10
                            stock m10 flywheel
                            215mm spec stage 3 clutch (six puck 290lb tq capacity)
                            85' 325e driveshaft
                            2.93 LSD from some e30.... cant remember what model. (plan on changing it.. but I want to see how it does with the NOS)
                            Ebay chip
                            50 wet shot of nitrous, then bump to a 75.
                            Runs like a bitch!! I mean bitchin!! Bad ass. 0-80 in no time. 1st 2nd 80mph haha. long gears :)
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                            84' 318i m30b35 swapped!


                              1991 325i

                              Location: San Antonio, TX
                              M30B35 from 89 735i
                              e28 535i flywheel
                              Getrag 260 transmission
                              Shift linkage, unsure, came out of parts bin.
                              driveshaft: e30 rear, e28 front
                              2.93LSD - only thing they had at the yard
                              Funkmasta motor mounts
                              e24 headers and downpipes
                              3" single exhaust back to a dynomax muffler

                              need a short shifter, won't go into reverse.


                                i forgot to join the club....

                                90 e34 m30
                                e34 5spd
                                funk mounts
                                jimc chip
                                ie radiator
                                ie poly motor/tranny mounts
                                e28/e30 driveshaft

                                ie st3 springs
                                koni adjustables
                                gc rsm
                                ie sways
                                akg bushings (entire rear subframe)

                                ss lines
                                ate slotted rotors
                                hawk hps pads

                                r3v thread

                                at the harris hill track this weekend

                                current state...

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