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E30 Left Hand Drive 3sge Beams swap

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    E30 Left Hand Drive 3sge Beams swap

    Started this project October 1st and went for its first drive today! The noises this motor makes are mesmerizing!

    Swap motor mounts are garagistic with Xcessive Manufacturing mounting brackets for trans and motor as well as the driveshaft.

    The manifold was a PITA to modify its way around the steering shaft. after the manifold I have it connected with V band for easy serviceability in the future.

    The steering shaft is 2 E46 shafts mated together ( r3v member has documented this mod on here). Its actually a really cool alternative to the $300 one offered by Condor Speed Shop if youre on a tighter budget or frugal like myself.

    The only mods to the e30 bay needed was to remove or bend the bracket on the RH shock tower( It hits the intake manifold) and to unfortunately run a Brake booster delete which turns out doesn't feel as sketchy as I have read on multiple forums. The stock exhaust manifold interferes with the brake master cylinder. Yes it requires more force than power assisted brakes but not enough to get a leg cramp or rip your firewall lol. I've been lucky enough to not be caught in an emergency stopping situation yet to truly test my control. (cross my fingers) . Once I get a full custom manifold I will definitely be going back to a booster set up if I fail to get accustomed to this set up.

    The shifter Location ended up landing in the exact same spot as the stock getrag oddly enough!

    Cooling system- I am using a late model e30 radiator from Ireland Engineering with a combo of dayco hose 71526, 71127 and a slip joiner barb fitting for the bottom hose. The top hose is a combo of the oem hoses with the Chase Bays remote coolant filler neck. heater hoses needed som extra hose and spinning around the beams hoses and viola, functioning heater core.

    I also purchased the torque pro app to help with diag trouble codes and vacuum loss as well as keep tabs on other important info ( voltage, coolant temp, intake air temp, o2 sensor status, RPM and trying to find a way to display oil pressure too. The swap has 0 trouble codes as of now, we will see as time passes.

    Clutch- meh, it releases right at the top of the pedal travel. Literally like 1-2 inches of travel. Due to the oem dual mass flywheel it feels ridiculously smooth. When this clutch fails I will be moving to a single mass set up.

    Intake- required a 90* coupler to a section of aluminum pipe that has a mounting location for a denso maf sensor. ( i used a section of a scion tc CAI). This utilizes a pod filter which causes a bit of erratic idle that is fixed by putting an air straightener in front of the MAF.

    I am currently finishing up the timing belt and water pump service, then I can put the power steering to use, bleed the cooling system again, bolt the hood back on and build my trust all over again.

    The entire swap done in my garage.
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      Really wish this little motor made more hp because I don't want to go K-Series
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        Ive owned k series in an fa5 chassis and this 3sge motor in my e30. You get engine and trans forn$1200 bucks. Drop in swap parts thanks to xcessive. 210 crank horsepower. Not a bad trade off for less of a headache, less parts needed and can run on stock ecu. Thats my opinion. K series was a great motor but this beams was well worth the swap. Hardest part to sort was the manifold.


          do you have part numbers for the Xcessive Manufacturing mounting brackets for trans and motor? nvm. found it.
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            also, what was the total cost up to this point?