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E30 S54B32 Swap issues please help

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    E30 S54B32 Swap issues please help

    Hi all, I have fitted a S54B32 to a E30 and having issues. I have used ECU worx binary modification tool to do EWS delete, dyno rev limit to 8000rpm as I dont have speed input. I still have a EWS fault even after switching it off.
    Vehicle starts runs ok, I am getting the following DTC's:
    6A- Brake light switch signal
    8B- Cruise control open circuit
    2C- Thermal oil level sensor
    84- Can timeout ASC/DSC
    85- Can reception timeout steering angle sensor
    51- Multifunction steering wheel interface
    86- Can timeout instrument cluster
    89- Suction jet pump valve
    6B- Electronic throttle self test
    8F- Control module box blower motor
    78- Electronic throttle: signal potentiometer signal comparison
    42- EWS interface error
    2B- Signal temp sensor radiator outlet

    I know some fault codes will remain but I have an issue where once the vehicle starts and you let it run for a while, when you turn it off the and try and start it immediately it will fire up and die. If you leave it for a while till the main DME relay switches off it will start and function normally even with the throttle DTC'c present. I am also not sure if I am getting full power as I am not using vehicle speed input, does VANOS, fuelling, timing, etc. function correctly when DME doesnt get speed input?

    I will work this coming week to get rid off some of the simple DTC's like water temp, but I have changed TPS with a new one and these faults keep coming back as soon as the vehicle is started.

    The two main concerns are
    1- starting issue EWS related?
    2- TPS fault

    Any help will be greatly appreciated.