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rebuilding assembly lube

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  • roguetoaster
    I don't think two months will hurt anyting with assembly lube, although some are ever so mildly corrosive. So assemble now or then and you'll be just fine in my opinion. For reference, I looked at 6 different aasy lubes, and none had a time limit on dwell time.

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  • JonsE30
    started a topic rebuilding assembly lube

    rebuilding assembly lube

    i am about to put the camshafts back into a re-valved cylinder head and had some questions on the lube. i am still waiting on the block to come back from the shop which might take 2 months.

    i read the some lube can get runny. if i re-assemble the head now with lube, will it still be OK in 2 months time when i mate it to the block or will it just break down? or is it best to assemble the head right before slapping it on the block right before first start attempts?