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Proper g260 rear output seal replacement help

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    Proper g260 rear output seal replacement help

    Replacing the output seal as it is leaking, wondering if someone can tell me how they install the seal, as I am not sure where to put the loctite 270 as described in bently, I have heard people having trouble with doing this twice and I do not want to do this twice as it was already a pain in the ass to get this far.

    I just replaced my rear seal and used some loctite or other appropriate sealer on the splines of the flange when installing it. Otherwise, oil can leak through the spline connection.
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      Okay, so no loctite on the nut? Or both? I only want to do this once.

      Addition: I put loctite 263 everywhere on the splines of the flange, the threads of the nut, the back of the nut, and during the brief test after about a hour cure it held oil back.
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