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Going into 1st gear, small lurch forward?

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    Going into 1st gear, small lurch forward?

    Hey Group.

    I have a 91 318is and its been great.

    Problem; Every time I am in neutral, press clutch down to engage into 1st gear there is a small lurch/clunk. At times if I go back into N and back to 1st its smooth.

    I know the previous owner changed the Clutch slave cylinder but not sure they have bleed it properly as it feels mushy.

    Should I try to re-bleed the clutch and see if maybe the pin engaging the tranny doesn't get fully engaged ?

    Thoughts & Thanks.

    First thing that I would check is the driveshaft, especially the center support bearing.

    Edit: For example...
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      The lurch is when the clutch pedal is depressed.

      The lurch is when you're actually pushing the transmission into gear?

      If the clutch has a little drag, then the disk will still have some RPM and inertia when you try to push it into first. The lurch/clunk is the energy of the spinning disk being transferred to the driveline when you engage first.

      Does the lurchclunk happen if you wait a few seconds between pressing the clutch and engaging first gear?

      If you engage first, keep the clutch pedal depressed, pull the shifter back out of first, keep the clutch pedal down, wait a few seconds and put the shifter back in, does it lurchclunk then?


        Sounds like your clutch is not fully disengaging.

        What happens if you are stopped with the engine idling, push the clutch pedal to the floor, wait a couple seconds and then move the shifter to reverse ?

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