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m20b27 to m20b25 Flywheel/clutch questions.

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    m20b27 to m20b25 Flywheel/clutch questions.


    Im hopefully going to be swapping a m20b25 into my 86 325e. I think i have found most answers to my questions apart from this.

    Will it be possible to use the flywheel and clutch set up from my m20b27 with the m20b25?

    I read b27 has a dual mass whereas b25 does not? I will be using the gearbox/bell housing set up originally used with the b27.

    Sorry if this is answered elsewhere already, I could not find it.

    Thanks, Robin

    No one have any input? Thought would be easy to answer, i am just completely new to e30's....


      It will fit but its heavier. The single mass may allow the engine to rev up faster but will not slow down as quickly ( if it is lightened). Some see this as an upgrade to get up to speed, others see it as a downgrade because it effects how the car behaves when engine braking.

      Bottom line: Do some research, save up, buy the best parts you can and DO IT ONCE. Quality parts will last longer and will be far more economical in the long run.

      - Steve
      - '83 911SC
      - '86 325ES
      - '98 M3
      - '14 328d