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axles on 1985 E30

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    axles on 1985 E30

    I have a 1985 E30 (and soon a E36 M3 motor and tranny in it) and would like to upgrade the axle so I could then upgrade for a big break kit, I've heard that 1986 and up M3's had different axles, do you know what kind of swap should I make to make my rear end ready for a big brake kit??? Tks : )

    The difference is the lack of or presence of an ABS ring. Your car probably does not have ABS, whereas the M3 and 1986+ cars did, at least in the US. No difference in shaft diameter that I have seen. Can say for sure that non-ABS axles fit ABS equipped cars, not sure about the other way, but the tone ring is removable on most axles.

    Let's also be real, an S52 isn't going to break any E30 axle in stock form unless you do something dumb, so no need to "upgrade," but you might want to replace old parts with newer ones.

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