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M62 swap help please

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    M62 swap help please

    Hi guy hope you can help us here I brought a 1996 e39 manual 4.4

    nice low mileage car

    We broke it made a chassis used the e39 sub frame and running gear then Added a E21 shell
    full roll cage and gruppe 5 kit

    BUT we are about to bench run the m62 and realised we have no wire diagrams etc

    basically we have the motor loom and have a stock Ecu stripped no ews abs etc


    was under the impression hook up the power find the starter it should run 🤷🏻‍♂️ Failed 😂🤣

    Any help much appreciated

    If any one wants to see what we’re doing here’s the latest Vid


      Edit, saw you’re not going into an e30, so c101 probably isn’t relevant but you can cross reference pins to get basics.

      recommend the Love Your C101 thread if you haven’t been through that yet. But since I’m going through this right now I’ll give you my setup. I have an early e38 m62, so the 7 series harness may be a bit different but I think it’s mostly the same. I don’t have the dme pins atm, so I’ll give colors.

      I got mine running with 4 wires connected to the C101. It’s entirely possible that I’ve also screwed something up, still troubleshooting.
      • Pin 18 - wire from starter & thick black wire from m62 harness
      • Pin 6 - green/black & green/white wires
      • Pin 7 - green wire
      • pin 13 - don’t have a solution yet for this (fuel), currently hardwiring to 12v. I think it’s supposed to connect to pin 63 from dme which is black/purple. However that wire is only putting out 6.6v and doesnt turn on the e30 relay.
      By hardwiring fuel it fires up and runs when cranked.
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