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Nin E30 LS2 build start

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    Nin E30 LS2 build start


    My name is Nin from Newburgh NY and I have been following this forum for many years and decided to finally join and introduce myself properly and my current project.

    I have owned several BMW in my lifetime but always wanted an E30 as it reminded me of my past. Back in January of 2017 Found a 1987 325e Auto and purchased her from a shipping company in New Jersey whom was contracted by the owner to ship her to Europe. Unfortunately the car was damage while parked by one of the movers and they were forced to buy it from the owner.

    picking her up

    I knew from the start that I was going to be doing an engine swap, so I was going to refresh the stock M20 and learn the in and out of this car. Perfect to get my hands dirty and teach me a few things.

    off the trailer and into my garage

    damage to the passenger rear panel, pushed down the rear support about 1/4 inch not allowing the rear diving boards to sit flush

    I have never tackle this kind of project before and I was going to use this as a learning experience. Basically learn how to be a surgeon without going to school.
    I have done Simple stuff like changing brakes and doing oil changes but never anything this complex.

    So the first thing I did was to give her a once over and inspect all the area known for rust. I got lucky no rust, so it was time to start taking her apart and learning as I go.
    During this time, I read several threads on 5 speed swap and decided to source the require stuff and added that to the list. I also did the E46 325 steering rack upgrade and reinforced the sub frame, changed a few brakes line using the chase bay stuff and replaced all the calipers as they were seized.

    Well fast-forward to now,

    The stock M20 was refreshed with all new seals, Gaskets and what not.
    5 Speed transmissions went in with all new hardware and seal.
    Pretty much the cars turned over but has some issues with sensor and decided I learned enough to tackle the engine swap and to concern my money for the actual transplant.

    M20 head went to the Machine shop for once over and seals replace

    Refurb E46 325 (rackdoctor) steering rack with Sikky spacer installed while the engine was out

    I also sand blasted and reinforced the subframes with garagistic stuff then powder coated them.

    So after searching and reading several thread on engine swaps, I bought a wrecked 2005 GTO with 6.0 LS2 from Copart with only 59xxx. The engine didnt start and spilling gas. Once home we figured this car was modified and they removed part from the fuel rail. Once address the issue she started right up.
    So the plan now is to completely gut the E30 and get her ready for paint this winter so I can start saving money to buy the require swap part needed to tackle this project this summer.

    I am keeping the GTO intact until the E30 is ready because space is limited in my garage which I need to work on Family and friends cars so the struggle continues.

    Hopefully member could shime in and help me with this build as I still have a lot to research and learn. I am welcome for people to come over and help out to LMAO. We always have beer in the fridge and Pizza on order.
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      Making or buying a swap kit?
      sigpic 5.3 LSA build in progress :devil:


        Originally posted by Supadave View Post
        Making or buying a swap kit?
        I will be buying the sikky swap kit.


          Pulled the engine and transmission out, removed all interior and inspected for rust - Rust free ( thank god ).

          Now I have to clean the engine bay and talk to some local Paint shop to have the body repaired and resprayed the original color.

          Any recommendation in the New York area ( Middletown,Newburgh, Mid hudson area ) ?


            hi mate :coolphoto: im looking forward to this same swap next year and for sure ill be following you. don't know how much I can help but if there's anything I can help just reach up to me. im oi long island ny. best of luck on the build


              Finally got around to start pounding the damn trans tunnel and fire wall and fitted the Transmission to where i think she will sit.

              removed the fuel tank just because it was in the way - I will be removing the rear sub frame in the near future and taking the whole rear apart to start running new lines.

              then address the sound insolation form the trunk / Not an easy task - but with a heat gun and torch it came out in 2 hours. Have to clean the glue residue , but I wait till summer for that

              Connected to a few R3v Member whom are in the process or have already done this swap and learning so much from this experience. For anyone attempting to this swap on a budget , I suggest looking else where, LMAO