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    LS Swap Wiring Help

    I'm working on the wiring portion of my LS swap and just am not clear on which wires I should be integrating with for:
    • MIL Lamp
    • Speedo
    • Tach
    • Clutch Position
    • Brake Signal
    • Ignition feed
    It seems to me that the C101 connector is for everything running to the engine but since I have a totally different harness already running to all the engine related functions, that's not even going to be used by me. Also, does this mean I can eliminate the ECU under the dash since I have a new ECU from the LS? Don't I still need it to do stuff like turn on lights, read other sensors, etc?

    I'm thinking I need to crawl under the dash and start replacing the wire that goes from the clutch position sensor (for eg) and wire that into the Orange connection of the attached image. Is that heading in the right direction?

    The ecu under the dash has nothing to do with lights and the ls engine can pretty much run on its own with power supplied to a few of its wires.

    Most swaps build a complete secondary fuse box for the LS engine and power it from the BMW box. I gutted my car and truly integrated the LS harness into the BMW fuse box.

    Two great websites that you'll find useful:

    good luck.
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      If you want to spend $750 plus, sikky makes what you need:


        there is a lot of info on youtube on LS standalone harness's, watch a few and you'll get the idea

        i just integrate into the c101 using the normal methods and add 4 relays for injector power, o2 heater, fan relay and fuel pump(neg trigger)

        ive only used GTO or Comaro style harness(VT commodore)
        We're out there in here.