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Dash/rear side markers/license plate lights flash

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    Dash/rear side markers/license plate lights flash

    When I open the door, while I’m driving, and when I shut off the vehicle, my dash lights, rear side markers, and license plate lights flash for about 30 seconds and then stop. If I leave my door open and the car is not on, it will flash, stop for about a minute and then flash. Same while driving. I hear the constant click of the flashing.
    My door switches are good, no alarm although there may have been one previously. There’s a LukeBox and amp.
    Kind of annoying haha … I can’t upload a video.
    Any ideas?

    Got it. PO has, what looks like, a kill switch under the dash. I flipped it and everything works as it should. I’ll have to spend some time tracing that later.