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"i" cluster into S-eta with "i" top-end + higher-flow injectors. Accurate? (Searched)

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    "i" cluster into S-eta with "i" top-end + higher-flow injectors. Accurate? (Searched)

    Note: I did search.

    Note 2: Both are VDO clusters.

    I have an 88 S-eta that I plan to swap an "i" top end into. Some would call it a stroker build, but I suppose it is a top-end build, maybe? IDK...

    Anyway, I want to swap in the intalke side, cam, valve springs, etc. Once I get the new DME installed, the car will rev above the current redline, so the tach will be too short to actually reflect the true RPM. The solution (according to is to swap in an "i" gauge cluster, which I have in my possession.

    Both are VDO units from 88 models, and the donor car is even manufactured the same month as my eta.

    What needs to be done in order for the tach, speedo, and odometer on the "i" cluseter to read properly?

    I have read that I should use the coding plug/chip from whichever DME I am using, but will it be properly calibrated to higher-flow injectors (I plan to run 17.5 or 19 lb./hr injectors).

    Bonus issues:

    1. I am about to install the cluster BEFORE doing the head swap or installing my new injectors.

    I don't really plan to drive the car much between the time of the install of the cluster and the head swap, but I WILL be installing my 3.73 LSD and will do a short test-drive to ensure that it is in properly.

    Will I have any issues?

    2. I DID decide to go with 17.5 or 19 lb./hr injectors. How will this change what I need to do (if anything) to have the cluster be accurate?
    Patrick Henry

    1989 325iC build:

    The i cluster will work on the car as it is with no problems, assuming the new cluster is operable and has a good SI board.

    The stock injectors have sufficient head room so as not to be a limiting factor in engine performance unless there are problems with the fuel or engine management systems. So there's no real point is going to larger injectors.
    The car makes it possible, but the driver makes it happen.
    Jim Levie, Huntsville, AL


      If I had functional M20B25 injectors, I'd agree, but I have stock Seta injectors, and the 325i injectors that came with the swap were in lousy shae, so I sourced higher-flow replacements.

      If I run rich, I'll have to downgrade.
      Patrick Henry

      1989 325iC build: