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AC switch/slider issue

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    AC switch/slider issue

    I am not talking about the button that turns on the AC, but the sliders that determine if the air coming out of the floor vents, regular vents, or the dashboard. I have no idea what the technical term is:

    The sliders have always been a bit goofy in my car, but right now the center slider (makes the air come out of the vents you use 99% of the time) will not stay when I push it all the way to the right, it just slides back to the left by itself. Even if I hold it all the way to the right the AC still won't blow out of the corresponding vents. This is a bit of a bitch because it's 113* and I can only get the AC to blow from the floor vents. Any idea what the hell is wrong and how I can fix this? I haven't yanked out the heater control panel yet, I'm waiting until night time when the garage hopefully won't be in triple digit heat. I figured I would ask here before I open it up tonight and try to see if anyone has an idea as to what the deal is. And yes, the AC works and blows cold when I have it blowing out of the floor vents.


    Mine does that as well...would like to know how to fix it as well.



      Pull the temp/fan speed, slider knobs and the cover, remove the defroster/hazard switches and remove the front a/c/radio panel (2 screws on the top and two at the bottom).

      You'll see cables going to the slider mechanism, inspect them. You can remove them carefully from the slider mechanism and see if the operate the vents freely by hand w/o the slider mechanism.

      It's a pretty simple configuration, something might be broken or jammed.
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