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Replaced slave cylinder, problems bleeding clutch

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    Replaced slave cylinder, problems bleeding clutch

    I am having an extreamly difficult time bleeding the clutch on my 87 325e and I'm looking for some advice.

    I had a leaking slave cylinder which I neglected to fix before my fluid reservoir went dry. there was so much air in the system (I'm assuming) that my clutch pedal was doing nothing and fell to the floor. I replaced the slave cylinder and now attempting to bleed the system.

    First I attempted to bleed it the traditional two man way. This did NOTHING. Next I attempted to bleed it with a vacuum pump. I was only able to pull a very small amount of fluid from the slave cylinder. I assumed that this was because I didn't bench bleed the slave cylinder before installing and there was too much air in it to get the flow started. I purchased a Pheonix Systems V12 bleeder to attempt reverse bleeding. Now I am thinking that there is a "clog" somewhere in the system as when I attempt to bleed it with this kit, I can't force any fluid up through the cylinder. The pressure is so great inside the hose that it pops off at the bleed screw. I am able to pump ZERO fluid into the bleed screw (yes it is open). Does anyone have any ideas of what could be going on? Thanks!

    wonder if your new slave cyl has a defective bleed screw ,try removing it completely and see if fluid runs out /or pump pedal to see if fluid now flows(might make a mess) . if yes try bleed screw from old cyl and re-bleed .

    if still no fluid flex line might be going bad internally and need replacing (try cracking line at master and see if fluid flows ok there )
    88 E30M3 X2
    89 325IX
    92 R100GS/PD


      leave the cap loose on the resivoir OVER NIGHT. I had mine on a very slight incline, parked. I fought it for hours, and walked away before I started to break shit. Came back next day and it gravity bled itself. I also did not bench bleed mine. Literaly came back the next day and just took it for a drive.


        I've never seen a reservoir cap that wasn't vented - my guess is that you got lucky bro

        Try bench bleeding the master, shouldn't have to bench bleed the slave. For a normal master design you wouldn't have to bench bleed, but the design of our masters essentially begs to get air locked if given the opportunity.

        Also, masters should be replaced with the slaves


          I have left the bleed screw out for a week with the cap vented. There is no flow through the slave. The weird thing is if I put pressure into the reservoir, brake fluid comes out of the slave. This makes me think that everything should be ok. Still, this doesn't bleed the system. The pedal still drops.

          I guess I'll check for flow at the master?


            Originally posted by TB123 View Post
            I have left the bleed screw out for a week
            yep, definitely airlocked or you've got a blockage somewhere. try taking the master cylinder out and bench bleeding that bitch.


              rookies! now this is the best way to get it done.

              1) push the clutch pedal down to the floor. It should stay there if there is air in the system.

              2) Take the two nuts that attach the slave master to the tranny off and let the slave master hang on the line.

              3) take the cap off the fluid reservoir. Fill it with brake fluid (usually DOT3).

              4) bleed the slave master by hand. this is how.

              5) Loosen the bleeder screw on the slave master while it is attached to the system.

              5a) Push the shaft in on the slave master all the way in and hold it. Tighten the bleeder screw by hand until it's tight? Release the shaft.

              6) repeat steps 5 and 5a while adding fluid as needed until. No air is in the system.

              7) pull the clutch pedal out and repeat steps 5 and 5a until no air comes out.

              8) reattach the slave master to tranny and tighten the 2 nuts . Check the system. That should be it. If I left anything fell free to add.