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Car feels like it's intermittently braking, but its not the brakes, ideas???

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    Car feels like it's intermittently braking, but its not the brakes, ideas???

    I posted this in another sub section but didn't get any replies so thought I'd post here!

    I've bought a new '87 325e, manual, LSD etc, NO ABS from factory, I bought that car with the assumption it had a sticky caliper as during driving the car would feel like it would slightly grab the brakes, then release a second later, grab, release, this was predominately felt at low speeds (0-50kph / 0-30mph.) When jacked up the front left wheel was very hard to turn, almost locked. To cut a long story short I did the following to try to remedy the issue:

    -Bleed the brakes, no difference
    -Check the lines, all good, no corrosion
    -Full flush of brake system, no difference
    -Rebuild the caliper completely, this slightly freed up the wheel
    -New brake disc/rotor, this freed it up a little more
    -New brake pads, no difference.

    I did all this brake work and not once did I think "hmmm, I wonder if it's not the brakes!"

    So I drove the car again, same issue, car felt like it was braking, then release, braking and releasing, not enough to kill the RPM of the motor, but enough to definitely feel the car slowing down slightly, I swear it's a brake issue because that's exactly what it feels like! The braking feeling progressively disappears the higher I go in the gears, eg: first is quite bad, second slightly better, third mostly gone. So I'm driving the car, push the clutch in, boom, issue gone! What?

    So I thought ok, it's not brakes, it shouldn't be motor as it's running fine, can't be LSD as when the clutch is in the diff is still spinning and the issue is gone, so I'm thinking perhaps gearbox? So I changed gearbox oil today, and noticed a significant amount of metal shavings on the magnetic drain plug, however I'm not overly alarmed as I assume this is normal for a 30 year old car. Oil change resulted in no difference to the issue I'm having. I'm thinking possibly clutch? As the catch point is quite high and I'm not sure if it's ever been replaced.

    Can someone please point me in the right direction as I'm totally lost and at my wits end, any help is super appreciated!!!!

    Original thread:
    '84 318i M10B18 | 93whp/90ftlbs | 147- Safari Beige | MS2E w/ LC, 2-Step