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    Engine noise

    So I recently acquired a 1989 325i coupe manual 215k
    I also own a 1990 325i sedan manual 160k
    Finally got my coupe!!!!
    So after driving both back to back I started to realize something,the sound and engine noise north of the firewall are definitely more noticeable on my new 1989 coupe???
    Of course I thought it was exhaust noise resonating in the cabin,it does not seem to be?
    When I accelerate my 90 the noise from the rear of the car is what I notice most. The engine smoothly accelerates and u hear the muted Rpms go up and down
    When I accelerate the 89 I can definitely hear more engine noise, mind you it is not some crazy straight pipe off the exhaust manifold noise but it is noticeable.

    I opened the hood looked under the cars exhaust and manifolds while revving both, sounds different deeper tone maybe?

    Insulation differences? Maybe?
    I am concerned because I am not sure if coupe engine is on its last leg?

    It's hard to infer from what you described. Be more specific. Is the engine itself noisy, or does the exhaust sound louder? From the way you described it, sounds like it could potentially be an exhaust leak. If its the engine, check your valves, they probably need to be adjusted.

    Originally posted by 2mAn
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      Engine noise is louder in cabin.
      It's almost like the firewall is more insulated.
      When listening to engines with the hood up and revving engine
      There is a difference in tone is slight
      The difference of engine noise inside the car is more noticeable than outside the car.
      I thought it could be an exhaust issue,is there away to check other than visual?
      The rear exhaust is definitely louder.
      But I don't think the sound is coming from that area, unless the reverberation of the muffler is moving towards front of car?


        Does the coupe have a stock exhaust?

        Originally posted by 2mAn
        The BMW V6 is the best



          Went under car exhaust seems pretty ratty
          Will replace cat and rest of exhaust and see if that helps