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Jumping under half throttle

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    Jumping under half throttle

    After doing some work on my car it now bucks when under medium throttle or full throttle,when under low throttle it can go throughout the entire Rev range.
    The issue itself is when in gear and under throttle it will cut off at. 2k rpm and hesitate then jump the throttle causing the car to buck.

    What I have done:
    Fuel filter
    Fuel pump
    New head gasket/valve/waterpump/ and a few others
    New plug wires, cap and rotor
    New afm or MAF, whatever it is on this car
    Cleaned icv/throttle and did a general look around the car when I had it apart.

    My next thoughts are, vaccum leak, injectors, or icv.

    Ordered a new icv, and will remove injectors when I get a chance this week. Anyone who may know the issue let me know, it's very annyoing

    BTW, when in neutral it will Rev fine even under high throttle.

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    OK It was a bad afm, I unplugged the afm to see what would happen and it ran great. I then put in my old afm and boom. I have a properly running car now

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