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PowerSeal Piston Rings - oil ring not fitting correctly?

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    PowerSeal Piston Rings - oil ring not fitting correctly?

    Piston: M54b30
    Engine Block: M50b25
    Plan: M50b30 turbo
    Question: Has anyone ever used this brand for rings? And is this how the oil rings suppose to be sitting?

    I have decided to buy new piston rings for my build and came across PowerSeal by Samsun Segman, a company located in Turkey. The price was really good for a set of these rings so I decided to try them. When I received the rings, they look well made. During the gapping stage, I checked the gap for the top rings and they were all .010" in all cylinders and .012" for the second ring in all cylinders. I gapped all the top rings to .020/.021" and middle/second ring to .023/.024", I plan on turboing this engine that is why i opened up the gaps. At that time I did not check the oil rings. I then installed the rings and everything went smoothly. The top and middle rings fit on the piston well. When i installed the piston to the block, i noticed that it will not go in without a hard push, and that is not what i'm used to and it is also a NO NO because that will brake something! I took rings off to check, top is perfectly .020/.021" and second is .023/.024". I decided to check the oil rings ( there were 2 of them along with the oil expander), and there it is, the rings were touching and no gap! I am not a engineer nor a master mechanic and this is the only the 3rd engine I've built but this doesn't seem right. Since the oil rings were touching, i decided to gap them to .016". After gapping them I put them back on the piston (yes I have double checked and I installed the oil expander correctly) and tried to put the piston into the cylinder with just the oil rings to see how the fitment is. And the piston went into the cylinder but it was really really difficult to push the piston down the cylinder, does not look and feel right. I took it back out and realized that oil expander is slightly bigger and does not compress (its possibly slightly bigger than it's suppose to be?), which makes sense, if the oil expander does not compress, the oil rings will not compress! I carefully tried installing the other pistons, and they all have the same issues. I tried connecting with the manufacturing company and silence.
    Any suggestions would be much appreciated.
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    Update: The oil expander is actually within spec. and both 'its" rings are good/within spec now, but when i put them together on the piston, the rings will not close/compress allowing it to go into the cylinder smoothly, seems like there is something wrong with the expander ring, not allowing the ring to close. Could this be a production error? I honestly do not think its suppose to be this difficult pushing a piston in the cylinder. The last engine I built I used Goetze rings and i didn't have this issue!