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too short parking brake cable ( brand new )(picture)(problem)

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    too short parking brake cable ( brand new )(picture)(problem)

    hi everyone. i'm in the process of reasembling my rear end mecanical and now is the time for my parking brake system.

    everything is new,
    wheel bearing, FAG
    hub oem
    brake shoes FEBI
    springs and bolt ATE
    parking brake cable FEBI
    lever and adjuster oem used

    i just reasemble everything for the e-brake systeme and the cable is loose on the TA. when i pull the e-brake lever in the car i can hear the cable ''take its place'' and then the wheel do not lock that much..even with the incar lever pull at maximum. ( didnt try to adjuster it very much since it seem to be the black section of the cable that seem to short..)

    maybe i have route the cable wrong ?
    this appen on both side...

    can someone help me with this please?

    the grey stuff is anti-seize.


    Did you adjust the parking brake shoes to where they just barely don't rub with the brake off? That knurlled part in your last picture is the adjuster. It turns, pushing the brake shoes apart and therefore closer to the inside of the brake rotor. You access it through one of the lug holes.

    I would adjust it with the rotor off until the rotor won't fit anymore, then back it off slightly until it does, then do final adjustment through the lug hole.


      thanks a lot
      i did that and everything seems ok !