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S14 DTM Airbox + Engine Management

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    S14 DTM Airbox + Engine Management

    Hey guys,

    So I just got one of JedM3's air boxes and am now looking into piggy back engine managements. I know a lot of guys use the MAXX Alpha N EMS but I dont like how its limited and makes assumptions on air density. From what I understand there is no compensation for air density so driving in different climates can greatly affect the tune. This is the reason why I have been looking into alternatives.

    I see KMS offers their FA23 which is a fuel only EMS. The only thing I dont like is that for $800 you still cant control timing which should unleash a decent amount of HP.

    I stumbled upon the Unichip Q solution which seems more appealing due to control (fuel + timing) and cost ( ~$300). I see a lot of guys on have used it but the threads are old and said only Unichip tuners can use the software ( This appears to not be the case anymore as unichip has the software on their site for ~$30).

    What I am looking for are recommendations on a good(fuel+timing) piggy back EMS that wont break the bank. I'd like to spend less than $1,000 which is why the unichip has my attention.

    Please state what EMS you recommend, why and also thoughts on the unichip.


    DD '03 AW M3