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GC Camber Plates which ones?

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    GC Camber Plates which ones?

    Hey guys, so I've been running my gc coils and e36 m3 koni (top adjustables) all around. I was wonder, what gc camber plates should I buy? I heard, when I called GC that I have to use hybrid camber plates. When I look at it theoretically, if I get the correct diameter for the bearing couldn't I just use the e30 camber/caster plate? Or is the koni insert for the e36 m3's shaft diameter larger than 16mm?

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    They will build them just for you. I run the new style camber caster plates with e36 billsteins and e30 uppers and they are great just call and tell them what you have and they will send you what you need. Btw the e36 struts with washers plus the GC plates will get you 4.5 degrees in the front.

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      no help here but... weird I was just chking their site came back here to search about their new 'touring' plates for e30
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