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MZ3 rear axle halfshafts...

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    MZ3 rear axle halfshafts...

    I just bought a set of MZ3 rear trailing arms (notionally complete), however, the seller reports that one of the CV joints may be bad.

    I've seen reports that you can use E36 M3 shafts, and that the CV joints can be swapped from others.

    1) How well do the E36 M3 axles work? Or rather, they are a slightly different length, so how does that end up impacting things?

    2) Does anyone know which CV joints can be swapped onto the MZ3 axles? Would E36 M3 CV joints work?
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    Don't quote me, but I was always under the impression the MZ3 inner & outer CV's were the same as M3, but the axle was 'slightly' shorter on the MZ3.
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