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Lowest ET rear, with smallest possible brakes?

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    Lowest ET rear, with smallest possible brakes?

    Hi R3V.

    Ive gotten hold of a 318ti (E36, i know), which is my daily beater for now. Ive then gotten some BBS RX224 which are ET15, and they rub in the rear, even with 185 tires

    As this car can use all the same components as en E30, i figured some of you might know of some weird setup that will move my wheels inwards. Low cost is the most important parameter, thats why i want the smallest possible brakes, so i dont have to upgrade the fronts. This rules out E30M3, even though i have a couple of hubs in storage, the caliper brackets are just to expensive.

    Also i have an extra E30 subframe laying around, so upgrading to the bigger type bearings isent an issue cost wise.
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