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E36 5 lug swapp Suspension caster, cambar...

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    E36 5 lug swapp Suspension caster, cambar...

    Hey guys,

    using the stock strut upper rubber and I'm looking for specs for this kind of suspension in my e30. What I should look for camber, caster, etc etc. What would be the recomend?

    Also, does somebody have the original specs of the stock suspension for 325i e30?

    I took the car finally, for a small ride, from my bd shopp to my main shopp to get her aligne (sp?) and while driving hr , slow, I felt the suspension, mostly the steering like floating, non reponsive, like big shipp when you start to turn the steering wheel and it takes some seconds to start cornering. I'm not sure why. I have e30 m3 sway bar links style as well.

    Thnaks for any input.

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