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My 5-lug Booster Delete M3 Brakes F/R Conversion

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    My 5-lug Booster Delete M3 Brakes F/R Conversion

    Originally Posted - 05-21-2016, 10:02 AM

    This is a recreation of old post from another site that drifted into a black hole and the pics that were broken on the archive site thanks to PhotoBucket that has killed many a good posts... 8^(

    I am running ITBs and don't have much for vacuum, it's ok for the first stab but lacks for any additional pumps or modulating. I also wanted room for my many projects that invades the booster's personal space 8^)

    I started with just the booster delete with .700 and .625 MCs and the stock brakes, they were functional but I was uneasy with hard stops and had all the parts in my hoarding pile to go 5-lug and bigger brakes so it was time to update.

    I drove on just the front update and it's already much better, I am confident on hard stops and it is not as touchy as assisted brakes. I can't imagine running these brakes with a booster, it would be like an on/off switch!! I have a .750 MC that I might switch up and rotate the .625 out after the rears are done.

    Using Massive Lee's offset booster delete (ignore the spacers, I got shorter push rods that work without needing them)

    I used a brake line coupler to bypass the rear bias valve

    I Used these to couple from the stock brake line position to the MCs instead of bending up the stock ones

    Now I have room for this ( I have better fitting clamps now )

    I Used Nasieg's 5-lug conversion kit for the front

    I used modified E36 backing plates (Typical cracking, I will be getting new ones and replacing hub/wheel bearings)

    New E46 M3 Stop-Tech slotted rotors, Hawk pads, caliper bushing kits and new anti-rattle clips. Calipers got a cleaning inside and out and will get a rebuild later

    E30 vs E46 M3 260x22mm > 325x28mm

    Final fitting, I was able to use 3mm spacers to clear my 16" E38 style 5's until the pads wear

    For the rears I went with Z4 hubs and ngampleh's caliper adapter and E36 M3 calipers and rotors

    Hubs Z4 vs E30

    Z4 vs Ti hub pic just for the fun of it (I was originally going this route but didn't want such an offset so I can run wider tires)

    This tool works great for installing the rear hubs

    I will be redoing the wheel bearings when I get the parking brakes figured out

    New hubs and caliper adapters

    E36 M3 Stop-Tech slotted rotors, Hawk pads, caliper bushing kits and new anti-rattle clips.

    E30 vs E36 M3 - 258x10mm > 312x20mm

    This comparison seem more dramatic on the difference

    Next is to work on the parking brakes...

    Finally got this resolved a bit, I was having an inconsistent situation with the pedal travel, sometimes a high pedal and sometimes a lower pedal. I had pedal play but it must of been right at the point of not releasing fully. I thought I had cut the MC push rods just enough, well almost... about 1/16" shy...

    I am also thinking I have a swollen rear brake line above the subframe, I could hear it when bleeding and there is a restricted feeling in the pedal. I had done UUC metal lines front and rear but had not done those yet and was going to do those when I did the whole subframe project next along with parking brakes and wheel bearings.

    I drove to bimmerfest on the setup today and they work well, I need to increase the MC sizes as there is a little too much pedal travel but I expected that. I will up the .7 to .750 and go from there, I don't mind the pedal travel for the fluid leverage but don't want to have to pump them to have a full braking... 8^)

    Also got some 12mm rear spacers to push the rear wheels back out to flush state until wider tires, probably go with Dunlop Direzza ZII - 225/45R16 next

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    i learned about the rear hub difference, i might look for z4 rear hubs for my car now i found an option to get rid of that massive offset
    Good job