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Aftermarket Control Arm / E36 M3 96+

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    Aftermarket Control Arm / E36 M3 96+

    Does anyone know where to order 96+ M3 LCA?
    Ref P/N: 31 12 2 228 461/462.

    Following Rockauto website, I ended up ordering MOOG RK80532 and RK80531 LCA for a E36 M3 brake conversion on a E30.

    I compared thoses new LCA with my old E30 LCA, and they seem to have the same geometry. This resulted in a caster issue.

    Can someone please give me advice on which aftermarket LCA can be used for a 96+ M3.

    Does the MTC 1846 model have the same geometry as the 96+ M3 LCA?

    thank you.
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    I know it might be out of budget, but FCPEuro has OEM 96+ LCA's for sale. They are on clearance so there might not be much left.