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Rear set up with z4 hubs and z3 i6 trailing arms

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    Rear set up with z4 hubs and z3 i6 trailing arms

    Hi all,

    This is my first post here on R3V, sorry if this has been asked before, just looking for more information and couldn’t find the search term to locate it.

    Can this be done?

    Using the trailing arms I have are from the z3 2.8l, reading everything it will leave me at a +63 not good.

    So here is my thought, looking to do what is in the link below, z4 hubs and e46 brakes with the 6 cylinder z3 trailing arms.

    This reduces the +63 by 22-23 mm leaving me at about a +40

    What do you guys think? I am reading that it will leave you at the same offset the z3m arms leave you with at final.

    How would this compare with the results from the z3 i4 or e36 compact trailing arms? What is the final offset?

    Is it possible to do the 5 lug swap and maintain an et20 offset in the rear?

    The wheels I want to use are 17” 5x120 8j et20 squared. Will this work? TIA

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