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Suspension Problem... PLEASE HELP!

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    Re: Suspension Problem... PLEASE HELP!

    Originally posted by bimma360
    However, when i turn to the left, jsut slightly, most of the vibrating goes away. Depending on how much to the left i turn, sometimes all of the vibrating goes away. Also... the vibration begins at about 20 or 30mph, and when i am at low speeds, applying the brake also makes most of the vibrating go away.
    Ok like i said... i know nothin about suspensions and such but lets think about this:

    As far as locating the vibration... i think thats a lost cause. At first when i bought the car i thought it was comin from the middle, but then it seemed like it was coming from the front right side, and now i'm being told by passengers that its also bad in the back. So in a nutshell, the whole damn car is vibrating.

    Now i thinkt that the key in determining at least some sort of direction is what i jsut quoted above. Knowing this, i would think that that would cancel out the diff, the drive shaft, the trans mount, and the guibo. B/c i wouldn't think that turnign the car to one particular direction would make a difference if anythign was worng with these.

    As far as the rigth engine mount... the force applied to the rigth of the engine when turning left could make it more stable and therefore reduce vibration. This makes sense and would point to it being the potential problem. However, the vibration mostly goes away when turning the wheel very slightly, and i wouldn't think that would be enough force to make the engine more stable. Also if the brakes make the vibration go away at low speeds... i dont think that it would explain the problem being the engine mount. So i guess it would be safe to conclude that the engine mount may not be the problem. Although the whole thought of failing engine mounts sounds expensive to me, and i hope i never go through that.

    Ok so knowing all this.... a warped rotor may be the porblem, b/c to me it would make sense that vibration would be decrease with breaking at low speeds ie. 20 or 30mph. OR would it increase with breaking at low speeds? My question is.... would turning in a particular direction, like in my case, still correct this?

    oh... and the tires are new.
    Ok having said all this.... what do you guys think?
    E30 Dinan Turbo


      I'm out of ideas. Time to take it to a good mechanic and have the car given a real good once over. What ever the problem is, it can't be safe. Accidents, injuries, and your life ain't worth the risk.
      Jeff B.
      Roanoke, VA
      1989 325i Track/Race prepared
      2000 328Ci Daily Driver
      1989 325i being restored
      1987 325is being stripped for parts


        Yeah... that would probably be the best thing to do. Once again.... thanks fro all your help man. All the info you supplied def got me thinkin a little more about the problem. And also thanks to everyone that posted on this topic.

        E30 Dinan Turbo