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    Brake Pad Opinions

    I'm not finding the info I'm looking for through a search. I've run with Pagid and EBC Green and Red. EBC is expensive. Pagid prices are worse for track quality. What have people used for track driving and found to be the best combo with either slotted or cross drilled rotors?
    Driving is the only way to go faster....

    I've used Hawk blue all around with ATE rotors up front and stock in the rear. Rear Hawk blue are made by Carbotech with Blue compound attached to E30rear backing plates.

    Now, these pads don't wear out much, after two solo days at WGI they might have lost about 1mm of material. What wears out more is rotors. But I suppose it is a good trade off as braking is phenomenal. With no cooling I had no problems slowing down at all. That is not to say that cooling isn't beneficial... Quite the opposite.

    For autocross I use Hawk HP+ front and Metalmasters in the rear. Same rotors as above.



      Please exlain what do you mean, no cooling?


        I think hes refering to not having aftermarket brake cooling plates and ducts.

        On track Ive used Carbotech Panther XPs on the E30 and Performance Friction 97 pads with the M Coupe.

        The PF97s are VERY agressive initial bite. Like throwing out an anchor. Once past that they are very easy to modulate. I have never been able to get these pads to fade.

        On the other hand the Carbotechs have a very mild initial bite, that gets more agressive with higher pedal pressure. These are very easy to modulate from the beginning.

        Last year my e30s brake system save the pads and ATE super blue, was stock.
        That said, at Watkins Glen I did experience some initial fading, but a slight change in brake application dicipline (braking less, but later and harder) made the remainder of the weekend fade free.



          Originally posted by TIATO
          I think he's refering to not having aftermarket brake cooling plates and ducts.
          That's exactly what I was referring to.