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Rear Subframe bushing question

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    Rear Subframe bushing question

    Hey guys, one more question

    I have the new ureathane bushings installed on the subframe, however I noticed the stock subframe studs that come out of the car.

    Do I slide the bushings with the larger bolt over the smaller bolt? or do I remove the bmw stud and replace it with the larger one.

    from what I can tell I simply slide it over, but I want to be sure

    thanks =)

    Yes, the hollow bolt slides over the stock stud.

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      You lost me with the big bolt and small bolt. Did your new bushings come with bolts?

      The ones sticking down out of the body will pop out. Remove the back seat, cover the top of the bolt with a towel, and smack the bolt from the bottom with a hammer.
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        Originally posted by Skafrog
        Yes, the hollow bolt slides over the stock stud.

        gotcha, that is what I needed to know =)