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Strut rebuild - checking dust caps + bump stops are correct before reinstall

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    Strut rebuild - checking dust caps + bump stops are correct before reinstall

    I'm replacing no-name inserts with Koni Reds. PO did not have any dust cap / bump stops installed. I bought the parts in the diagramd and installed them as depicted. They seem a bit funny for being "loose". Do I have this right? Thanks.

    So, the relative position of the stop doesn't matter as it will move, probably even installing it upside down wouldn't either, and the dust shield will do the same once you fully compress your suspension for the first time.

    You do need to make sure you have the washers and bearing dust shields installed correctly otherwise you can get top mount bind and premature bearing wear.


      You seem to have installed the bumpstop inside of the dustcover.
      You suspension will still work as intended but the you kinda ruled out the dust cover now since it's covering the bumpstop.

      This is how you should have installed them.
      (picture is from the iX struts but the bumpstops and dust caps are the same for awd and rwd cars)
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        In my experience with the stock style dust cover, no matter what you do, the dust boot will eventually end up rattling around the lower spring seat area as the design just doesn't stay where it should.