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Clunk/rattle from rear. Anything wrong in these photos?

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    An update.
    I got back to my home country and got my e30 to my mechanic to have a look.

    The subframe bolts are already tight as can be, so don't know what else can be done there. It seems as tho the space is just due to the neck area on the OEM rubber bushings.

    As for the shock bolts, they can't be tightened anymore either, so maybe they got replaced by wrong length bolts at some point in time. I did notice I don't appear to have the washer (part #2 in above diagram) though.

    I also changed the diff bushing while I was back. The old one turned out to have some cracks in the rubber. The new one felt better, but it did not resolve the thumping/clunking sound.

    I'm starting to think the PU rear mounts might have failed somehow.


      is it RPM dependent?

      my rattle from the rear was a cracked subframe. one of the bolts on top of the diff was broken all the way around.
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        No it's not.
        It's always when I'm going over bumps/rough roads or hitting potholes. Then I get this thumping/clunking sound that sounds like something big is just loose and bumping about.


          I have the exact same problem. Everything is tight as can be but it just doesn't feel planted in the rear and clunks around. No one can figure this out :(


            The bolts being tight doesn't mean the subframe bushings are not the issue. The gap you have look unusual and may mean the rubber bushing is weak/failing allowing your subframe enough travel over bumps to clunk about. If you are getting clunking with up and down travel it's most likely rsm or those subframe bushings.


              i have a clunking noise that is from the rear bolt that holds the exhaust on which broke.



                buy new bolts for the shocks, if you cant tighten them anymore then its not the right ones or something is preventing it from going further. When I had an e36 my rear shock bolts were loose and I was getting a clunk going over bumps. Those subframe bushings really look off, take it out to make sure everything is good.


                  Check the bolts that hold the diff in while you are in there.

                  SFBs do have a "neck" poking out of the bushing, about 15mm or so. Yours appear to be sagging to my old eyeballs, but look for cracks, and pry on the subframe to test them.

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                    Any updates on this?


                      I've been overseas since my last post, so haven't gotten back to my car, hence sorry no updates on the issue.

                      When I next get back, I plan to remove and inspect the PU RSMs as those are easier. If those are OK, then at some point, I will have to get the subframe bushings looked at in more detail (full removal I guess).

                      I wondered if it might be the exhaust, but grabbing the rear muffler and shaking it around doesn't seem to get me much noise.