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which subframe is best?

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    which subframe is best?

    i have an 87 325e and met a guy with a 91 325is and his was lowered as low as mine BUUUT he doesnt have any alignment correct (eccentric bushings or tabs+eccentric bolts) and his toe and camber of the rear looked MUUCH better than when i lowered my 87 e. the amount of toe and camber i had from lowering my car, would hurt ur parents feelings! he also told me that the newer years had less of that problem (gain of toe and camber because of how the suspension traveled).

    so i want to know, is it true? should i even opt to get a newer year subframe and use eccentric bushings so i can finally get the rear to point how i want it?? i still have toe and camber NOT where i want it even with tabs :/

    and i take it that the subframes are interchangable throughout all years?

    or could it just be that the trailing arms are different but the subframe is the same...?
    E30 LS1 swap, Tremec TKO, three link live axle rear suspension.

    Its all the same, its probably just late model arches playing tricks on your eyes. He isn't as low as you.


      The subframes and trailing arms for those E30's are the same.
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