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Proportioning valve inside's.

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    Proportioning valve inside's.

    Well I finally had a chance to get the leaky valve off the car and take it apart to see what's going on inside it, As ive had a leak there for a while causing the pedal to fall, And brake's to slowly lose pressure. These pics are after I already cleaned, scrubbed and reassembled it. The inside of it was amazingly full of grit and dirt. The seal's couldnt have been seated right, Has to be the cause of the leak as the valve is cosmetically fine and the most grime was where the fluid was coming from. Well here are the pics.

    Any opinion's or idea's? I also wanted to know if I am missing anything from it. Those are all the part's that were on/in it. I went to BMW but noone had a clue about it. I dont want to have to buy a new one as im gonna upgrade the brake's soon and could really use the $ for that.

    all you can do is try using it again. like you said, it was full of grime.
    old master cylinder seals are known to leak even if they look clean