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m3 swaybar links

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    m3 swaybar links

    Someone mentioned that you guys use e30m3 swaybar links with stock bars??? Is this correct? I've got ST bars now but interested in seeing what the stock bars feel like.

    This is a street weekend driver only. We'll use it for some driving school events too down the road. ST springs, Sport shocks, strut bars, 15" basket weaves.

    The ST swaybar mounts are totally shot and need replacing. I'm not sure if it will be better to replace the bushings and keep the ST's or go back to stock with this M3 link setup that was mentioned.

    Thanks for any advice.

    Have you thought about M3 endlinks on your ST's?


    Closing SOON!

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    Thanks for 10 years of fun!


      Its not a bolt on thing... you need to weld the mounts to the struts.


        dunno what they are even... I mean I know what an m3 swaybar endlink is in theory but what does it do? Is it just stiffer? Shorter? Solid? All the above???

        How much are they and realoem shows part 33 55 1 126 932 for both my car (4257545) and for an e30m3 of the same month/year of production. Are you talking e36 links?


          ohhhh.... well that's only up front right? so in the rear it's the same part correct?

          So do I need to purchase & weld a bracket on to the strut housing and then buy a link like a heim joint to make it work? Does anyone have a kit for this or a photo? Do all e30m3's come like this because I know of a junkyard around me with two semi complete e30m3's (not telling so don't ask). I'll pull the strut housings if they are better or could just weld up my stock ones.


            I think it's time for you to do some research.


              Me too... any ideas on where?


                i would start with a search on here

                the regular non-m e30 had the swaybar link mounted to the end of the sway bar and going to the control arm. this setup works decently, it stops the body from rolling pretty well, but since it mounts to the control arm it can only do so much.

                the m3 has links that go from the sway bar to the strut tube. using this system the sway bar is able to directly effect the suspension travel and thus the m3 has a much more functional sway bar setup.

                m3 links can be used on non-m cars but to my understanding you need to weld the bracket, in the correct spot. how difficult this is , i dont know.

                please correct me if im wrong

                edit: and if you pull the strut housings from the m3 you will have a 5 lug setup fyi
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                  I've got m3 style links on my car with a 21mm vert front bar and it stays nice and flat. You'll need the tabs(Ground control sells them for about $20) then either stock m3 end links or after market adjustable ones(which I can make up for you).
                  Welding them up is not bad, just connect a link and position the tab till the the joints on the links are straight with the wheel straight. And mark it, I took my bare strut housings in and had an auto body shop weld them up
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                      I ended up finding that & I'm learning. This forum is much younger (i think) and WAAAAYYYY different from the 2002 forum. I guess e30 owners are just different.

                      I'll pick it up eventually. Also I'm the oldest of 4 so I dished it out most of my life but there did come a time when my little brother got taller & heavier than I am so I have tough skin :-)