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Steering wobble/shimmy/annoyance

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    Steering wobble/shimmy/annoyance

    '90 325i 2-door 5-speed

    Everything is new in the front end except the struts: inner-outer tie rods, springs, wheel bearings, control arms, strut mounts, sway bar bushings, CABs, front calipers are OE and rebuilt by me, and rear subframe bushings are new as well. The car currently sits on H&R OE Sport springs, but I had this issue on the stock springs as well. Seems to me like it's been gradually getting worse, but it's hard to tell because the other cars I drive also have vibrations on the highway (all of my cars suck at the moment).

    I've got this steering wheel shimmy, back-and-forth motion, when I get car up to ~75-80 mph. It isn't always there, it comes and goes. I thought it would be a wheel issue, but I've gotten my Ronal LS's rebalanced as well as put my bottle caps back on and the vibration persists. The vibration is less noticeable on the bottle caps, but I believe that's just because I'm on a much more plush tire there so more of the vibration is just being absorbed by the tire and not transmitted through to me.

    I will say I've tracked the car with the current rotors, so maybe they've got something weird going on, but when I spin the wheel I don't feel them catching on high spots or anything.

    The driveshaft guibo is also not in great shape and I have a vibration while accelerating in 1-2 gear ~2-3000 RPM that I attribute to that. I don't think that would be causing what I'm feeling in the steering wheel, but maybe someone else feels differently.

    I'm having my wheels roadforce balanced tomorrow and will be requesting a printout for all of them, but I'm not super optimistic now that I also feel the vibration on my other set of wheels.

    I did notice that one control arm seems to have pulled out of the bushing a little: though I'm not sure that would cause this either. My subframe also seems to all be in once piece, it's got some rust, but I couldn't find any cracks on it.

    Needless to say, it's super frustrating to have redone so much of this car and still have this problem. Curious if anyone's battled something similar and wants to chime in. Otherwise I'll be updating as I go along here so that hopefully I can at least solve someone else's shimmy.