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Bilstein shock reinforcement question

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    Bilstein shock reinforcement question

    Hey all quick question.

    I just put in all new suspension components on my 91 318i.(bilstein b8's and all the other goodies)

    I obviously did not buy the correct shock mounts as the lemforder ones keep blowing out.

    What recommendations does everyone have to reinforce it?

    I've seen the ECS reinforcement kit but also saw a lot of people online saying to order the JT design RSM.

    At this point I just want to drive my car and be a happy e30 owner.

    You mean the rear shock mount?

    Meyle HD seems good there, but I've also never killed Lems. There are also kits with replaceable inserts.

    If you are killing fronts heaven help you.


      I have to agree with roguetoaster on the rubber ones not being too much of an issue in most cases. For added peace of mind you can install the z3 style reinforcement plates (a variety of places sell them in one form or another). If you like tinkering with the car often and need to remove the shocks, Ground Control or Rogue Engineering make reinforced rear shock mounts that allow you to undo the shocks from outside the car without needing to access the trunk.