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Airbag to non-airbag wheel expectations

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    Airbag to non-airbag wheel expectations

    Have a '91 coupe and want to swap the generic-looking airbag wheel with an earlier wheel, preferable an M-Tech 1. Need to temper my expectations, though. I know the older-model wheel will fit with a proper spacer, and all the stalk controls should work (although some bending may be necessary). However, I'm wondering if everything else will function. Will the wheel lock properly when you remove the ignition key? Do turn signals cancel and, most important, does the horn work without issue or add'l retrofitting? I know some of you have been down this road, so I'd appreciate your wisdom before I take the plunge.

    Thanks in advance, and Happy New Year to all.
    Indian Wells, CA


    1991 325i 2dr. 5sp, delphin, w/freshly re-skinned IS sport seats/15" Ronal cross-spokes

    1976 Triumph Spitfire w/1.8-liter Miata engine/transmission, koa dash with TR6 oil/volt gauges, lowered suspension, 14" Minilite replicas and more

    2004 Kawasaki ZZR600

    It's plug and play with the spacer, the lock and horn will work without issues, providing that the ring/horn buttons on the new wheel are functional. The signal/wiper stalks will be closer to the wheel, but you don't need to bend them, and personally, I like them a bit closer to the wheel.