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Matching Koni SA shocks to e30 M3 spring rates

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    Matching Koni SA shocks to e30 M3 spring rates

    I was looking at the Thread above this ( Adjusting Koni yellow) ) and this statement caught my attention:

    Understand that the adjustment on Koni SA shocks controls the rebound rate. It won't make the shooks stiffer to compress, but rather will reduce that speed at which they decompress. For the best handling you want the least rebound damping that is compatible with the spring rates in use. You don't want the wheel to oscillate after compression of the spring, but you want the fastest return of the wheel that doesn't result in bounce to maximize the contact patch.

    Over the winter i am going to upgrade my 90 325i shocks with the standard length Koni SA yellow shocks ( got them from my Pelican connection ) , 1988 e30M3 springs, Ireland adjustable front sway bar and 15 x 7 wheels with 205 50 15 tires. I already have the V2 solid FCAB, poly rear sub frame bushings and new rubber tans/ engine mounts ( its smoother ).

    My question: is there a chart to go off for the best setting of the Koni SA based on your spring rate?


    Stock 325i*-----------------------106-------------------------245
    Stock 325is*----------------------118-------------------------265
    Stock 325ix*----------------------106-------------------------308
    Stock M3*-------------------------114------------------------314
    Stock M3--------------------------140------------------------250

    Dinan Sport-----------------------172-------------------------300
    H&R OE Sport---------------------180-------------------------380
    H&R Sport-------------------------180------------------------380
    H&R Sport (29664)---------------200--------------------------285
    H&R Race-------------------------315------------------------ 570
    H&R Coilovers***----------------340--------------------------380
    Eibach Pro-Kit--------------------114 --------------------------280-326 progressive
    Eibach Race----------------------160--------------------------445
    IE SIII----------------------------315--------------------------570
    Koni Coilovers-------------------342----------------------------407
    Cosmo Coilovers----------------450-----------------------------560
    TMS J-Stock**-------------------680--------------------------1026
    FK 60/60 cup kit-----------------379----------------------------379
    Vogtland Standard***--------115/197---------------------------360
    Vogtland CS***---------------137/200--------------------------400
    King Springs "Low" -------- KDFL-01 220----------------KDRBL-14 440