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Best tire size for Ronal R10 Turbo 15 x 7 ET 25

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    Best tire size for Ronal R10 Turbo 15 x 7 ET 25

    Picked up a set of these wheels. Came off a 2002. My future suspension set up will be H&R sport springs, revalued Koni sports, adjustable rear sub frame. My 1990 325i with m20 is going to be an All purpose week end machine ( long, short distances, canyon blasting, very occasional AX. I want an All season tire and max grip and the selection is weak of 205 and 225 tires but I like the size on an e30. I know 205 55 15's fit. Not sure about 225 50 15.

    2 part question. What size yields better grip? Will the 225 tire fit in the wheel well without to much fender rolling?
    Anyone have Pictures of R10s on an e30?

    Use this resource:
    And this:
    And this:

    If its 17x7 et25 we're talking, 215/40s should be perfect. Nothing over 40 ratio will fit comfortably under stock fenders (if using 17s).
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      Oh Wow, I was on my first cup of Coffey. The size is 15 x 7.


        I know this is late but on my SCCA DSP 89 325is Autocross car I ran meaty R-compound 225/50-15 Kumho and Hoosier tires on my 15x7 ET27 Kosei with no rubbing.

        I also ran the same tire size on a set 15x7 ET24 Euroweaves with no issues, as well as on 15x7.5 Ronal ACT-LS.

        There used to be a few pictures of my white E30 on the 15x7 Ronal Turbo wheels floating around the internet from when i had them on my car for a few weeks testing fitment for Ronal USA back in the early 2000's, and the photos were also used on their website and in their brochure, but i haven't seen these in a long time.


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