My plan is to take a couple of 5.25" premium speakers that I purchased and swap out the 4" (3.5"?) in of the Nokia boxes in the back of my touring; they are really terrible even in good condition. The bummer is that with the grills removed, the speakers barely do not fit by 1/4". That means that the side panels will have to come out. I will be able to remove the whole speaker box for the install thought, so I will be able to do a neater job. I made patterns and have confirmed that, with a larger hole cut into the boxes, the 5.25" speakers should fit nicely. I am hoping that this is a cheap way to vastly improve sound in the back of the wagon. Without a sub amp and a huge outlay of money on more modern speakers which require additional wiring, sound will never be really that good, but better will be welcomed. Swapping the cheapo speakers in the kick panels for the premiums made a big difference. Eventually I will add the tweeters in the door sail panels.

Anything I am not thinking of? What could go wrong? Both speakers are 4 ohms, 15w going out, 40w going in. Wiring seems identical. More wattage, but still not very much. Anyone see any potential problems that I am not seeing?