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Non-AC vs. A/C blower motors

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    Well timed thread response. Got new resistor in and damn thing still didn't work. My old resistor was pretty hammered, but still functional, but i'm glad to remove that as a variable moving forward.

    After it didn't work, I spun the motor by hand back a few times and motor suddenly sprung into full-speed action (scary as fuck, basically). Maybe a brush burned itself to the stator and stopped the motor; hence my burning smell. Spinning it around by hand must have gotten things back in line.

    I also have to assume that this will happen again and/or the used motor is going to die. C'est la vie, i'll just replace it with a new schmiedmann when that day comes.

    Originally posted by Intense View Post
    Slight thread-hack:

    I just realized my blower only works on the high (4) setting. I seem to remember (from years ago) this is a relatively common issue with e30s. Can anyone shed some light on this problem?
    Usually points to a bad/dirty resistor. Are you a/c or non-a/c?
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      Thank you for the information, mine just died a few days back and i thought it was a huge job to fix it :D