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Sedan vs Touring

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    Sedan vs Touring

    Trying to choose between two E30ís.

    One is a 4-door, 2-owner, ~155k miles on it. Awesome color. Base interior (no Sport seats). Airbag steering wheel. Bottle cap wheels. Pretty plain Jane, but a great base to start from. Working factory AC converted to R134.

    The other is a Touring. Donít know how many owners. ~110k miles on it. Ok color. Plain grey cloth interior with nice Sport seats. Small MTech2 steering wheel. Euroweaves. Stock, but with some nice little bits. No factory AC.

    Both are quite clean cars, both 325iís with manual transmissions.

    Seems like an easy choice initially, but the Touring will cost ~$5k more than the sedan, to get it to my front door.

    I donít need the Touringís extra utility, but was considering it as a fun unique vehicle.

    I donít really need AC, but sure, thereís an occasional day where it would be nice to have it.

    I have a spare MTech steering wheel on hand, as well as some Sport seats (that would need different upholstery to match the sedanís interior).

    Either car would receive an H&R Sport and Koni Sport suspension, possibly some ST sway bars, and 16Ē wheels. I would want them to be streetable and somewhat comfortable.

    I guess my biggest concern about the Touring is that itís going to be squeaky and flexible and annoying.

    Any thoughts?

    Find out the rust situation of the touring. If it is clean, thatís a no brainer. If itís Swiss cheese, it might still be worth it lol. GL
    "Time doesn't heal anything... It just teaches us how to live with the pain." - My Cracked Dashboard


      Tourings will be boomier inside, will squeak more, and are slightly floppier. That said, if we really cared about those things we wouldn't drive E30s in the first place, right?

      Also, tourings are not really expensive compared to other E30s, so a 5k difference either means that the wagon is overpriced (likely), or that the sedan is a steal (not likely).

      In any case, always buy on condition and take a know quantity over an unknown one when it comes to cars.