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DIY - can't stand your interior chrome trim? shawdowline it!

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    DIY - can't stand your interior chrome trim? shawdowline it!

    Now that my headliner and trim is installed it was time to put the door panels and trim back on.

    My M5 came with factory shadowline instead of chrome on the outside, but for some reason they team that built this car decided to keep the trim on the inside of the windows chrome.

    Considering that there is no chrome anywhere else on the inside of the car I decided to do something about it.

    Here are the clips that you have to deal with to remove the trim. These clips won't break, but you will bend the trim pieces if you are not careful.

    In the first picture, the square tab closest to you is the one that clips onto a ridge on the base of the trim pieces.

    I took some 2000 grit sandpaper and scuffed up the surface of the trim pieces and then wiped them down with water and a rag

    To hold up all of the trim pieces so I could paint them I found a wrapping paper roll, cut 4 slits in it and VOILA, a trim holder

    To get shadowline you have to use the super, mega flat ultra matte black paint

    I gave each piece 4 light coats and then let dry overnight

    Here is how the trim pieces look the next day.

    Driver side door

    Rear passenger side door

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    Real shadowline (a la M5) is more of a satin black, but that will do. Nice job!


      Looks OEM. I like it!
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      I am a meme for our community.


        Looks great!