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Gots me an 1993 M5

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    Gots me an 1993 M5

    So I took over Austin's (who's also a member here) project M5, and towed it to my chief mechanic Chris M (Thanks Anthony!). The car was in a small accident which damaged the hood, grille and cooling system 3 years ago and was then left sitting outside (in Phoenix). The plan is to restore this and daily it for the summer (AC and PS, which my e30 doesn't have).

    We bled the system and ran it for a while, and at least the cooling seems sorted out. Fixed a small leak so it doesn't mark its territory anymore too.

    After that we cleaned the car up and drove it around the block a few times, and we are experiencing white-grey-blue-ish smoke from the exhaust, after the car gets up to temp. Now the car has been sitting for a while (approx 3 years), so lets hope that is just the cat/resonator/muffler getting hot and burning off gunk. Apart from that the motor sounds ok, a little ticky but we will check the valves and adjust of needed in the near future. Plus being an s38 I don't know how ticky it gets. We will drive it some more from time to time and keep an eye on the coolant and oil, and cross our fucking fingers its not the HG.

    Appearance wise it's gonna need some lovin too, it needs a painted hood, the smilies need to be wired and installed and diverse pieces of trim (like the emblems) need replacing. The paint looks really dull so work needs to be done there. Tires are going out too, planning on getting some Conti extremecontact DW's, I really like them for daily on my e30.

    Small list of future plans:

    First three phases:
    1)safe to drive
    2)legal to drive
    3)nice to look at and drive

    Then next winter possibly motor rebuild (Paul Burke or Memphis Motor Works have been recommended), since this one has 178k miles and I don't feel like waiting for it to blow.

    In the future (12-18 months from now) I will export the car back to Europe since that's where I'm from, so the overall theme will be a restoration to OEM spec. The Belgian car inspection frowns upon non-oem parts.

    Pics to follow next time we work on it!
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      Teaser Pic:

      zombie M5 needs fresh gas.

      So we worked on it a couple of hours today, after this got the headlights wired (euro clear smilies) and found some more things that need changing (rear light has melted contacts). Best news of the day is that it completely stopped smoking, tomorrow we'll do the compression test.


        Awesome to see an M5 being saved. I really wish I could have saved the tboned 93 that I bought, but she lives on as a touring at least. Too bad as that car was perfect in every way, Mugello on Dove too... :(


          Very nice. Good job saving it from a junk yard.
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            We did the compression test today, changed the oil and did a bunch of cleaning up everything. Test results are (in psi):

            1) 130
            2) 130
            3) 134
            4) 130
            5) 130
            6) 120

            So good news and bad, I'm not happy it didn't show compression to be more towards 200, but at least it's relatively constant across the board (apart from #6). Like I said, I was calculating a rebuild next winter anyway. The motor does have 178k miles.

            The oil coming out looked good, the oil going in (Royal Purple 10w40) made it a little quieter. Next week is gonna be pretty quiet because of time constraints, the week after we check the valve lash, put on a bunch of new parts and hopefully get it passed at emissions.


              3k. And I'll come all the way from FL to get it.

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                I want a e34 M5 so bad... Very nice!
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                  Originally posted by getouth View Post
                  3k. And I'll come all the way from FL to get it.
                  Hopefully you fall in a giant hole on your way out here

                  Car is coming along nicely. I am very happy with the overall condition of the car and am proud to have an opportunity to work on it!
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