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Daily Driver : E34 Dinan 5

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    Daily Driver : E34 Dinan 5

    It started with this:

    The transporter dropped it off one dark early evening about eight days later.

    1995 540iA Dinan 5

    The package on this one includes: supercharger with tune, transmission reprogramming, full Dinan exhaust, Racing Dynamics trunk spoiler. Appears there is a Dinan suspension, too.

    Now, it runs and it can run pretty well. The BIG problem now is huge crankcase pressure. Investigating the engine bay, it appears the PCV was removed. A catch can is now installed. Put it under heavy boost and oil shoots out of the oil cap, seeps through the valve cover gaskets. It makes a mess! It runs like a raped ape!

    The catch can also consumes the washer bottle's real estate; so I have no washer fluid.

    The car is mounted with HIDs. Seems nice enough but the driver's side ballast is suspended using purple string, like say out of a waistband.

    A check engine light occasionally (seems to be on decel) pops on. I pulled them after a full day of driving:

    I cleared the codes. Got a CEL today will milling about town, doing errands, keeping it under 3k. I need to pull them again.

    I have been exchanging e-mails with Dinan for a few reasons. It is confirmed the Dinan 5 kit of this time is to work with the factory set-up and they do not do catch cans. I need to restore the M60's PCV system back to stock. I hope this will heal the excessive pressure.

    It is a super nice car really. Some rust bubble about sunroof. All things are in great shape. One owner car for about 20 years. Passed away. Goes to storage. Auction. Private sale, staying a CA car all the while. Guy I bought it from ran it for about one year. Last few years it has nearly 10k in receipts (rebuilt supercharger, rebuilt trans and more).

    So, restore the PCV to stock and remove catch can as Dinan intended their set-up to be run with. Is that the route you would take?

    - Fix pressure issue
    - Interior dome/map lights inop (fuse under rear bench)
    - Restore factory stereo (aftermarket amp put in, removed, just wires in the trunk ATM)
    - Get rid of wheels (I like the look but I prefer stock'ish)

    Drive it!

    Things to Do (12/15/16):

    - Clean oil catch can
    - Assess PCV system
    - Treat accordingly (either restore to stock PCV or try seafoam to fix current system)
    - Interior overhead lights worked once for me and now do not (checked fuse under rear seat, no problem)
    - Replace HVAC light that is out (
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    ACS S3 Build / Dinan 5 E34

    Patrick Henry

    1989 325iC build:


      Projects Hartge,Alpina & AC Schnitzer Builds.

      DSC04926 by Raul Salinas, on FlickrDSC03413 by Raul Salinas, on Flickr


        awesome. we need more pics
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          There is something cool about a turbo automatic as a "daily" driver.
          Patrick Henry

          1989 325iC build:


            Thanks guys for the interest! I am very fortunate to come across some cool cars recently and even more thankful to have it!

            I am only slightly familiar with the motor from my ownership of the E38. Hopefully, posting here ya'll can help me in my process to restore this to how it is supposed to run.

            Pictures are coming. Really, the timing has been tough and not abke to use it, enjoy it, find its faults quite yet. I am looking for a nice day to treat the interior. The interior needs a healthy dose of treatment; not dirty at all, just dry and needs fed.
            ACS S3 Build / Dinan 5 E34


              Do you mind sharing the cost? I understand if you don't but I am just curious.
              Patrick Henry

              1989 325iC build:


                I do not mind at all. It was on eBay. Won it for 3050. Shipling coast to coast was another 900.

                Incredible to think with the Dinan upgrades of tens of thoussnds on top of the MSRP.. this may have been M5 money or more!!
                ACS S3 Build / Dinan 5 E34


                  Damn, that's a steal!
                  Originally posted by kronus
                  would be in depending on tip slant and tube size


                    wow, that is a steal...

                    However, I would not expect fixing the PCV system to alleviate your crank pressure issues unless something is blocked in the current system. If you remove the lines and catch can and can feel airflow coming out of the breather port (to make sure the engine side orifice isn't clogged) then there isn't much you can do to make it better...usually the catch can is actually the fix for the problem you're seeing, because a poorly plumbed PCV system will take boost pressure and feed it to the crankcase if you don't reroute it to be in front of the supercharger. Does the catch can also fill up with oil relatively quickly?

                    What you're seeing is basically an issue with any boosted car. Some combustion pressure naturally will find its way around the rings, and increased cylinder pressure will exacerbate the issue. Plumbing PCV flow to the supercharger inlet will help 'suck' this pressure out due to the low pressure area at the inlet, but venting to atmosphere is usually just as good (just messy, because of oil carryover in the PCV flow. Thus the catch can). I bet (and hope) you've just got something plugged up in there, and that blowby pressure can't escape.

                    Also, let's see some pics of the engine bay!

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                      Thank you gearhead. I appreciate that insightful response.

                      At nearly 260,000 miles, the rings could be an issue? May need to troubleshoot some before laying out cash for new parts; buy some new tools than new parts .. do a leak down test yes?

                      The Dinan kit is to work with the stock system. This departure from stock makes me think its the issue. I'll give what you said a try.
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                      ACS S3 Build / Dinan 5 E34


                        Before I had the car delivered, I was scrambling doing research on this vehicle. There really is little info on them. Dinan seems to keep shit records. In my research, I was certainly shopping, too:

                        It arrived today. Superb condition. Seems Dinan used RD stuff where appropriate. There is a Dinan specific fitement strut bar for the E34 but that didn't show up for sale in my browsing. This will compliment the wing out back.
                        ACS S3 Build / Dinan 5 E34


                          I got a great bit of info from sales at Dinan. Is there a way to upload a PDF?

                          Now trying to see what goodies from the list I have. It aolears aftermarket suspension, just unsure to what degree. I also want to know about if the Dinan LSD is installed.
                          ACS S3 Build / Dinan 5 E34


                            Typically if I want to share a document, I'll upload it to Google Drive and then share the link. In Drive, there is an option in the sharing menu to allow people with the link to view just that file.

                            260k miles with boost could result in worn rings, yes. It depends on how it was driven. My E30 318is with boost is right around 275k miles and doesn't have any issues though, on the original bottom end. The most important differentiator tends to be allowing the engine to get fully up to temperature (that typically will mean coolant straight up and down, and oil temperature above at least 130F if you have a gauge) before using significant revs or getting into boost. Personally, I stay below 3000 rpm and don't let the turbo build positive pressure until I reach these conditions, however that would vary depending on the car. Some cars, you can't even keep up with traffic without building a few PSI, so use your personal judgement.

                            Alternatively, if the car was never driven hard and really warmed up (unlikely, given its provenance, but you never know) the rings could be coked up and stuck. Typically, getting the car good and hot and driving it hard will help clear this up - the old Italian tune up idea. Seafoam or similar can also help.

                            Project M42 Turbo


                              I am very thankful for your input. It is very kind.

                              Obviously, I cannot speak to its previous life with great authority. I have pieced together some tidbits which one can draw reasonable conclusions. There are thousands in upkeep by Mr. Garcia before his passing. I think a family member scores it (found a community center pass in the trunk) and delivers abuse. Understanding Mr. Garcia is a long time employee of Boeing. The purchasing seems to be a retirement or mid-life crisis type purchase. I am inclined to think he was a responsible owner and proper enthusiast. I clear him of wrongdoing. It is the temporary driver whose work I need to remedy: PCV delete, oil catch can and aftermarket amp. The CF vinyl roof wrap may stay.

                              Knowing Dinan did not alter the PCV system, you are still inclined to believe the current set-up is not to blame?

                              Is a seafoam application really a good idea? Removing depossits may excerbate blow-by, no?

                              What do you think of these nano-ceramic oil treatments meant to remedy worn rings, walls?

                              I did a mild Italian tune-up with redline highway pulls. The car scoots! Oil sprayed about the passenger side of the engine bay.
                              ACS S3 Build / Dinan 5 E34