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S50 harness v/s M50 harness

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    S50 harness v/s M50 harness

    Question for the S50 swap experts...

    I'm in the middle of an S50/5 spd build on a 92 E34 525iT. Was comparing the harness that's on the S50 and the harness on the M50. On the engine side of the harnesses, looks like the only difference is the oil level sender connector is present on the M50 harness and not present on the S50. Also the Vanos connector is present on the S50 and not present on the M50. Now I'm also looking at another M50 on a 94 525iT which has vanos, so obviously the harness has the vanos connector.

    So the million dollar question.

    Could I take the engine harness of the 94 525iT with the vanos connector, put it on the S50? If I did this, I think I'll have a home for every connector on the S50.

    Also I never quite understood why you keep the DME of the M50 and just change the chip when you do an S50 swap. I would think if you had the DME of the S50, that would be the proper DME to use.

    Any insight would be helpful. TIA.

    There's no reason you couldn't use the 94 vanos m50 harness on an s50. Since you're doing the swap in an e34, the e34 harness is going to fit better than the e36 s50 harness, but essentially they function the same. The e34 harness has the oil level connector, so it'd be nice to have.

    The m50tu/s50 run off the same sensors, so any of the vanos equipped engine wiring harnesses will work. For a while, the popular harness was from a 93-94 325is manual car because it was supposedly the most simplified. An auto harness can simply have the auto wiring removed. I think in the case of the e34, the harnesses are the same between auto & manual, but I can't confirm that.

    As for the ECU, the reason people like using the m50 "413" red label is because it doesn't have the EWS immobilizer. To run the s50 properly, you get a custom burned chip for about 200 bucks or so. The silver label "413" or s50 specific "506" ECU's will work, but need the EWS deleted. Usually it's a matter of what people have available to them.


      Awesome, thank you for the response. It's very crystal clear now, appreciate the explanation.


        Just did a S50 swap on my Touring. Touring harness is a direct fit...You will also be using the e34 oil pan so that would take care of the oil level connector.

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