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1984 318i jeopardy!

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    1984 318i jeopardy!

    for all you e30 pro's...i need a little help. for my auto class, I was assigned a specification sheet. If you can answer just one of the questions, i'd greatly appreciate it. Thanks guys.

    Only for the 1984 318i...what is.

    1. Normal or minimum cranking compression ____psi
    2. cylinder head bolt torque_________Ft/lbs.
    3. valve lash clearance: intake________exhaust________
    4. recommended sae oil spec
    5. recommended api oil grade
    6. engine oil capacity__________Qts
    7. engine oil pressure: idle__psi./2500 rpm___psi
    8. transmission/transaxle oil type
    9. transmission/transaxle oil capacity___quarts
    10. differential/rear axle oil capacity___pts/qt
    11.cooling system capacity___qts
    12. thermostat temperature______
    13. spark plug gap
    14. spark plug torque
    15. engine firing order
    16. #1 cylinder location
    17. timing mark location
    18. engine idle speed @ operating temperature_____rpm

    thanks again.

    I think you can find most of that in a repair manual and I'm pretty sure you can downoad the haynes manual for free online.


      Yeah the Bentley should have the majority or even all of that info.

      I thought everyone who even thought of working on their own E30 had a Bentley?


        give me a sec. almost done


          you are going to have to convert to metric when needed, i dont have the time but here you go.

          1.Note: At cranking speed, engine temperature normalized, throttle open. 142-156psi
          2.Cylinder Head Bolts [1]

          Step #1 60 Nm (45 ft lb) .

          Wait 15 minutes!

          Step #2 Torque Angle 33 °

          Run engine warm 25 minutes!

          Step #3 Torque Angle 25 °

          3.Valve clearance for intake and exhaust should be:

          Cold [1] 0.008 in (0.20 mm)

          Hot[2] 0.010 in (0.25 mm)

          4.SAE 15w-50
          5.see above
          6.Without Filter Change 3.75 L
          With Filter Change 4.0 L
          7. can't find it. stick a gauge on your car and figure it out.
          8. assuming your car is a manual

          Look for the label on your tranny:
          GREEN LABEL* GLS

          RED LABEL* AF

          NO LABEL** 80W GL-4

          9. 1983-85 318i 1.2 liters 2.5 pints
          10. "small" final drive case - 0.9/1 3* liters
          11. Ethylene Glycol 7 ltr. (7.4 qts.)

          12. 75 degrees celsius
          13. .60-.70mm or .024-.028"
          14. 18-22
          15. 1-3-4-2
          16. front
          17. Align cam flange with notch facing up in line with projection above it and with bore hole facing down
          18. Air Condition Speed 850 +/- 50 rpm
          Warm-Up Speed 950 +/- 50 rpm
          At Operating Temperature 850 +/- 50 rpm


            aww, man..thanks alot. I appreciate it. have a great day. =D